Oven to Air Fryer
Conversion Chart

Air Fryer Oven Conversion Chart

Some manufacturers include a chart that converts oven temperatures to air fryer. All you need to do is look up the oven temperature you want to use and find the corresponding air fryer temperature. This is a great way to ensure that your food is cooked correctly.

However, if you don't have a conversion chart, you can easily convert your oven temperature and baking time to air fryer with the conversion chart on this website. The conversion chart below will help you figure out the right temperature and cooking time for your food.

Oven Air Fryer °F / °C
200°F175°F 79°C
201°F176°F 80°C
202°F177°F 81°C
203°F178°F 81°C
204°F179°F 82°C
205°F180°F 82°C
206°F181°F 83°C
207°F182°F 83°C
208°F183°F 84°C
209°F184°F 84°C
210°F185°F 85°C
211°F186°F 86°C
212°F187°F 86°C
213°F188°F 87°C
214°F189°F 87°C
215°F190°F 88°C
216°F191°F 88°C
217°F192°F 89°C
218°F193°F 89°C
219°F194°F 90°C
220°F195°F 91°C
221°F196°F 91°C
222°F197°F 92°C
223°F198°F 92°C
224°F199°F 93°C
225°F200°F 93°C
226°F201°F 94°C
227°F202°F 94°C
228°F203°F 95°C
229°F204°F 96°C
230°F205°F 96°C
231°F206°F 97°C
232°F207°F 97°C
233°F208°F 98°C
234°F209°F 98°C
235°F210°F 99°C
236°F211°F 99°C
237°F212°F 100°C
238°F213°F 101°C
239°F214°F 101°C
240°F215°F 102°C
241°F216°F 102°C
242°F217°F 103°C
243°F218°F 103°C
244°F219°F 104°C
245°F220°F 104°C
246°F221°F 105°C
247°F222°F 106°C
248°F223°F 106°C
249°F224°F 107°C
250°F225°F 107°C
251°F226°F 108°C
252°F227°F 108°C
253°F228°F 109°C
254°F229°F 109°C
255°F230°F 110°C
256°F231°F 111°C
257°F232°F 111°C
258°F233°F 112°C
259°F234°F 112°C
260°F235°F 113°C
261°F236°F 113°C
262°F237°F 114°C
263°F238°F 114°C
264°F239°F 115°C
265°F240°F 116°C
266°F241°F 116°C
267°F242°F 117°C
268°F243°F 117°C
269°F244°F 118°C
270°F245°F 118°C
271°F246°F 119°C
272°F247°F 119°C
273°F248°F 120°C
274°F249°F 121°C
275°F250°F 121°C
276°F251°F 122°C
277°F252°F 122°C
278°F253°F 123°C
279°F254°F 123°C
280°F255°F 124°C
281°F256°F 124°C
282°F257°F 125°C
283°F258°F 126°C
284°F259°F 126°C
285°F260°F 127°C
286°F261°F 127°C
287°F262°F 128°C
288°F263°F 128°C
289°F264°F 129°C
290°F265°F 129°C
291°F266°F 130°C
292°F267°F 131°C
293°F268°F 131°C
294°F269°F 132°C
295°F270°F 132°C
296°F271°F 133°C
297°F272°F 133°C
298°F273°F 134°C
299°F274°F 134°C
300°F275°F 135°C
301°F276°F 136°C
302°F277°F 136°C
303°F278°F 137°C
304°F279°F 137°C
305°F280°F 138°C
306°F281°F 138°C
307°F282°F 139°C
308°F283°F 139°C
309°F284°F 140°C
310°F285°F 141°C
311°F286°F 141°C
312°F287°F 142°C
313°F288°F 142°C
314°F289°F 143°C
315°F290°F 143°C
316°F291°F 144°C
317°F292°F 144°C
318°F293°F 145°C
319°F294°F 146°C
320°F295°F 146°C
321°F296°F 147°C
322°F297°F 147°C
323°F298°F 148°C
324°F299°F 148°C
325°F300°F 149°C
326°F301°F 149°C
327°F302°F 150°C
328°F303°F 151°C
329°F304°F 151°C
330°F305°F 152°C
331°F306°F 152°C
332°F307°F 153°C
333°F308°F 153°C
334°F309°F 154°C
335°F310°F 154°C
336°F311°F 155°C
337°F312°F 156°C
338°F313°F 156°C
339°F314°F 157°C
340°F315°F 157°C
341°F316°F 158°C
342°F317°F 158°C
343°F318°F 159°C
344°F319°F 159°C
345°F320°F 160°C
346°F321°F 161°C
347°F322°F 161°C
348°F323°F 162°C
349°F324°F 162°C
350°F325°F 163°C
351°F326°F 163°C
352°F327°F 164°C
353°F328°F 164°C
354°F329°F 165°C
355°F330°F 166°C
356°F331°F 166°C
357°F332°F 167°C
358°F333°F 167°C
359°F334°F 168°C
360°F335°F 168°C
361°F336°F 169°C
362°F337°F 169°C
363°F338°F 170°C
364°F339°F 171°C
365°F340°F 171°C
366°F341°F 172°C
367°F342°F 172°C
368°F343°F 173°C
369°F344°F 173°C
370°F345°F 174°C
371°F346°F 174°C
372°F347°F 175°C
373°F348°F 176°C
374°F349°F 176°C
375°F350°F 177°C
376°F351°F 177°C
377°F352°F 178°C
378°F353°F 178°C
379°F354°F 179°C
380°F355°F 179°C
381°F356°F 180°C
382°F357°F 181°C
383°F358°F 181°C
384°F359°F 182°C
385°F360°F 182°C
386°F361°F 183°C
387°F362°F 183°C
388°F363°F 184°C
389°F364°F 184°C
390°F365°F 185°C
391°F366°F 186°C
392°F367°F 186°C
393°F368°F 187°C
394°F369°F 187°C
395°F370°F 188°C
396°F371°F 188°C
397°F372°F 189°C
398°F373°F 189°C
399°F374°F 190°C
400°F375°F 191°C
401°F376°F 191°C
402°F377°F 192°C
403°F378°F 192°C
404°F379°F 193°C
405°F380°F 193°C
406°F381°F 194°C
407°F382°F 194°C
408°F383°F 195°C
409°F384°F 196°C
410°F385°F 196°C
411°F386°F 197°C
412°F387°F 197°C
413°F388°F 198°C
414°F389°F 198°C
415°F390°F 199°C
416°F391°F 199°C
417°F392°F 200°C
418°F393°F 201°C
419°F394°F 201°C
420°F395°F 202°C
421°F396°F 202°C
422°F397°F 203°C
423°F398°F 203°C
424°F399°F 204°C
425°F400°F 204°C
426°F401°F 205°C
427°F402°F 206°C
428°F403°F 206°C
429°F404°F 207°C
430°F405°F 207°C
431°F406°F 208°C
432°F407°F 208°C
433°F408°F 209°C
434°F409°F 209°C
435°F410°F 210°C
436°F411°F 211°C
437°F412°F 211°C
438°F413°F 212°C
439°F414°F 212°C
440°F415°F 213°C
441°F416°F 213°C
442°F417°F 214°C
443°F418°F 214°C
444°F419°F 215°C
445°F420°F 216°C
446°F421°F 216°C
447°F422°F 217°C
448°F423°F 217°C
449°F424°F 218°C
450°F425°F 218°C
451°F426°F 219°C
452°F427°F 219°C
453°F428°F 220°C
454°F429°F 221°C
455°F430°F 221°C
456°F431°F 222°C
457°F432°F 222°C
458°F433°F 223°C
459°F434°F 223°C
460°F435°F 224°C
461°F436°F 224°C
462°F437°F 225°C
463°F438°F 226°C
464°F439°F 226°C
465°F440°F 227°C
466°F441°F 227°C
467°F442°F 228°C
468°F443°F 228°C
469°F444°F 229°C
470°F445°F 229°C
471°F446°F 230°C
472°F447°F 231°C
473°F448°F 231°C
474°F449°F 232°C
475°F450°F 232°C
476°F451°F 233°C
477°F452°F 233°C
478°F453°F 234°C
479°F454°F 234°C
480°F455°F 235°C
481°F456°F 236°C
482°F457°F 236°C
483°F458°F 237°C
484°F459°F 237°C
485°F460°F 238°C
486°F461°F 238°C
487°F462°F 239°C
488°F463°F 239°C
489°F464°F 240°C
490°F465°F 241°C
491°F466°F 241°C
492°F467°F 242°C
493°F468°F 242°C
494°F469°F 243°C
495°F470°F 243°C
496°F471°F 244°C
497°F472°F 244°C
498°F473°F 245°C
499°F474°F 246°C
500°F475°F 246°C

How to use the Oven to Air Fryer Conversion Chart

When using this conversion chart, it is important to note that not all recipes are suitable for air frying. Some recipes may be too moist or contain too much fat to be air fried. Always read the recipe carefully before attempting to convert.

Air Fryers Cook Faster than Ovens

Something to note is that air fryers cook food faster than ovens, so you'll want to reduce the cooking time. For example, if the oven recipe calls for cooking at 350°F for 30 minutes, you'll want to reduce the air fryer temperature to 325°F/(160°C) and reduce the cooking time by 25% (24 mins).

You can also adjust the oil and fat content of your recipe when converting from oven to air fryer. Since air fryers require less oil than ovens, you'll want to reduce the amount of oil or fat in the recipe. For some recipes, you may even be able to eliminate the oil altogether.

Why a Digital Meat Thermometer is Important when using a Conversion Charts

To get better results we recommend checking your food with a digital meat thermometer. These thermometers allow you to periodically monitor the internal temperature of the food as it cooks. This way you can adjust the cooking time and temperature if necessary.

Additionally, a meat thermometer makes it easier to determine when the food is done so you do not end up with dry, overcooked food. With a meat thermometer, you can be confident that you are always serving the best food possible.

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