Air Fryer Chicken Cooking Chart & Recipes

Our Air Fryer Chicken Cooking Chart will help you find oven to air fryer conversions in both Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F). The conversions are based off oven temperatures and to be used as a guideline, so please adjust accordingly.

See below to find popular poultry favorites like Air Fryer Chicken Wings, chicken breasts, and thighs

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Name Temp Time
Breaded Chicken Breasts360°F / 180°C15 mins
Chicken Breasts
(4 oz Half, Boneless)
380°F / 190°C15 mins
Chicken Burger
360°F / 180°C30 mins
Chicken Nuggets
400°F / 200°C10 mins
Chicken Tenders350°F / 180°C11 mins
Chicken Thighs
(Bone in)
400°F / 200°C20 mins
Chicken Thighs
400°F / 200°C20 mins
Chicken Wings
(10 pieces)
360°F / 180°C15-20 mins
Chicken Wings
(20 pieces)
375°F / 190°C18-22 mins
Chicken Legs
(1.75 lbs)
375°F / 190°C18 mins
(5 pieces)
400°F / 200°C20 mins
Whole Chicken
(6.5 lbs)
370°F / 190°C1 hr 15 mins
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